Monitoring network equipment with EVA ICS

With EVA ICS any network equipment can be easily monitored. All you need is to download and setup net_watchdog PHI.

net_watchdog PHI can monitor hosts with ping (fping command line program must be installed) and HTTP GET request.

If HTTP request method is used, the module can compare the reply or reply sha256-sum with the specified one.

Let’s perform a simple setup:

eva uc phi download

We’ll use watchdog to ping the network equipment, so no any special options are required for loading. Let’s just set ping timeout to 100ms:

eva uc phi load watchdog1 net_watchdog -c timeout=0.1 -y

Create a “sensors” e.g. to monitor network router and configure watchdog to check it every 10 seconds.

Note that EVA ICS architecture requires equipment to be connected to “port”, while routers have IP addresses. We’ll just specify for the driver “port=IP”, don’t be confused with this:

# create sensor
eva uc create sensor:hosts/router1 -y
# enable sensor
eva uc update sensor:hosts/router1 -s 1
# assign driver to sensor
eva uc driver assign sensor:hosts/router1 watchdog1.default -c port= -y
# set sensor to be updated every 10 seconds
eva uc config set sensor:hosts/router1 update_interval 10 -y

That’s all. The sensor will have status 1 when EVA UC is able to ping the router and -1 when ping failed.

You can use the configured “sensor” for LM PLC logic, event monitoring etc. E.g. create LM PLC macro to automatically reboot the router via relay or PoE switch if it’s not responding.