EVA ICS replication between v3 and v4

The new-generation EVA ICS v4 “internal alpha” is going to be released in May 2022. The “internal alpha” version will be available to our Enterprise customers only and will have very limited support of hardware equipment / logic, plus no replication between v4 and v4 nodes yet. However, it will be able to fully host UI apps and replicate data from v3 secondaries.

The goal is to:

  • test v4 core in production
  • replace heavy-loaded v3 SFA controllers
EVA ICS v3 to v4 replication

If you are the existing customer and want to try EVA ICS v4 internal alpha, please read the conditions:


  • To replicate date between v3 and v4, a special service called “legacy replication” needs to be deployed on v4 node/nodes.
  • The legacy replication service is used to replicate EVA ICS v3 nodes with v4 until migrated.
  • The service requires Python 3.8+ installed.
  • The service will be not supported and not included in EVA ICS v4 distribution after v3 EOL (approx. Q3 2024).

Protocol and configuration

  • only PSRT pub/sub servers are supported (if there is no existing PSRT server in your setup, an additional instance of PubSubRT can be installed specially to handle v3/v4 replication)
  • only v3 to v4 replication is supported. v4 to v3 replication is not planned
  • a single PSRT server per service is supported
  • auto-discovery is not supported
  • cloud deployment / cloud updates are not supported
  • the replication service supports compressed API calls only (v3.4.2+ required on secondaries)
  • individual real-time state replication is not supported. Remote nodes MUST
    have bulk topics configured (both compressed and uncompressed are supported)


  • Cycle states are not supported (there are no cycles in the v4 core)

If you want to try v4 internal alpha and need more features, please contact EVA ICS support team or your support engineer directly before Apr 1st 2022.